Multiple Portfolios

The topic of “Can we have multiple Portfolios?” comes up fairly regularly in training courses, what are some of the implications and challenges associated with multiple Portfolios within ARTe.

Over the last few years of studying and implementing Lean Portfolios I’ve come to develop a few, completely unofficial rules to act as guides

Four, completely unofficial, rules for scaling agility.

One key principle within the Scaled Agile Framework is to Organise Around Value, but this is easier said than done. In this free Webinar Series, Brian Tucker, Rune Christensen, and Odile Moreau explore how to Organise Around Value.

Scaled Agile Inc. have just announced SAFe 6.0, the latest version of the Scaled Agile Framework. The changes realign their core values and rephrase a key principle amongst many other tweaks and adjustments throughout the framework. Ivar Jacobson Intl. have updated the widely utilised SAFe® Principle cards to reflect the changes in SAFe 6.0.

Program Board

The ART Planning Board is generated during PI Planning and is used by the teams to visualise delivery and coordinate collaborations during a PI. This article looks at the ART Planning Board's use during PI Execution.

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