Agile Essentials Cards and Games for Software Teams

Ivar Jacobson International today released a starter pack of agile practice cards that aid team-based software development by ensuring that core agile team practices are transparent and effective. E ach practice contains a small number of cards that provide useful, structured advice on how to apply the practice. In many organizations, arguments rage between software development "experts" and teams on which process framework is best - e.g. Extreme Programming (XP) versus Scrum versus Kanban. Even though agile principles are clear that "no one should tell the team how to do their work", in practice they are often told "Do Scrum" or "No, don't do Scrum, do Kanban!". The Agile Essentials eliminates these damaging and distracting conflicts by extracting the useful practice guidance from XP, Scrum, Kanban and other popular agile approaches, and presents it as a useful and usable set of practice cards that development teams can freely select, combine and adapt to help them work effectively as a team.

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